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Sasha Yung...19 years old, came in wearing a cheerleader outfit, a brace faced smile, and she was a piece of submissive Asian ass. Right off the bat, she was bombarded with big cocks. At first it was enjoyable until the cocks slid a bit too far down her throat and she started coughing up her lunch.

Sasha Yung is an ex bulimic, so puking wasn't new to her...but puking on dicks was. Bootleg and Big Red rode her face like a motorcycle until the whore bowl was filled with vomit. They then mopped it clean with her hair and made her gargle with the rest. It was disgusting, humiliating, and...BEAUTIFUL!

After Sasha Young was face fucked until her stomach was empty, The Facial Abuse crew took turns splitting her pussy wide open. As they pumped deep to her ovaries, she squealed and yelped like a voodoo doll would if it had a voice. In one afternoon, her 19 year old pussy was getting the experience that some 40 years pussies might never experience. She was drilled and fishhooked until the guys were ready to give her a sticky reward.

After her holes were used and abused, she sat down and prepared to get a face full of sticky cum. She flashed a smile with her braces and Duke Skywalker got in her head a bit. She got rattled a bit and without much warning, a load of cum was dumped on her head. It was then followed with another, and another. Jizz dripped off of her face, and you could see her self respect dripping off with it. Sasha Young was left young, dumb and covered in cum.

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